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Vision, Mission and Values

Plannera's Vision, Mission and Values provide the direction, focus, and express our values as leaders in the pension and benefits industry.

Our Vision

Fostering financial wellness.

Our Mission

To provide valuable pension and benefit services.

Our Values

Respect and integrity
  • We are open, honest and accountable;
  • We listen and seek the opinion of others; and
  • We respect each other and recognize each other's contributions and ideas.
Serving customers
  • We demonstrate competence, professionalism and pride in our work;
  • Our processes are effective, efficient, timely and meet customer needs;
  • We communicate effectively with our customers; and
  • We are positive, respectful and engaged.
Excellence and innovation
  • We are always looking to improve;
  • We work to be the best, individually and together;
  • We are open to new ideas; and
  • We celebrate success.
One team
  • We succeed and/or fail together;
  • We support and are engaged in our vision, goals and objectives; and
  • We communicate openly and honestly.