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Financial Partners

As an industry leader, we partner with some of the world's best financial consulting firms.

  • supports the Corporation's Boards and Commissions
  • provides actuarial services for the Capital Pension Plan
  • strategic investment consultant for the Public Employees Pension Board and the Municipal Employees’ Pension Plan since 2017.
Canada Life Assurance Company
  • provides Plannera’s benefit plans claims adjudication and benefit payments (dental, DIP & group life)
  • provides protection and security for health care needs (extend health plan),
  • provides long-term disability benefits to employees of Executive government, Crowns and Agencies.
CIBC Mellon
  • is the Investment Custodian to MEPP, PEPP CPP & SPAF, safekeeping securities and cash on their behalf
  • provides a number of services including, but not limited to, record keeping, cash administration, tax reclaim captures, securities lending administration, reconciliations and reporting
  • Plannera engages Deloitte as a tax consultant with expertise in local laws and compliance specific to tax implications of trading in foreign markets
Hamilton Lane
  • provides private markets consulting advice to both PEPP and MEPP.
  • provides private markets strategic advice, fund and manager research and due diligence, education and ongoing monitoring and reporting.
  • is the plan auditor, consulting for Enterprise Risk Management and internal audit needs
  • Plannera (formerly the Public Employees Benefits Agency) has had KPMG as a consultant since 2015
Telus Health
  • provides actuarial services such as preparing, analyzing and filing annual valuations for Plannera’s defined benefit plans.
  • Plannera (formerly the Public Employees Benefits Agency) has been working with Telus Health (formerly LifeWorks) since 2019
  • Plannera's general investment consultant
  • provides regular investment consulting services
  • conducts research on industry best practices, and on investment firms and their products and strategies.
  • provides comprehensive ratings reports on investment products
  • collaborates with Plannera on due diligence initiatives and performance reporting
MJ Hudson Amaces
  • is Plannera's investment custodian consultant
  • assisted conducting a Request for Proposals (RFP) process for investment custodians in 2019 and helped with the transition of custodial services to CIBC Mellon
  • a specialist provider of custody benchmarking, monitoring and governance services,
  • continues to assist Plannera to monitor ongoing service, quality and value Plannera and our plans under administration receive from the investment custodian, CIBC Mellon, in absolute terms and relative to other providers
  • engaged by MEPP, PEPP and Plannera to provide legal support, primarily regarding more complex investment agreements as is in alternative investment asset classes