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Plan Overview

The Public Employees Disability Income Plan is a self-insured plan designed to provide long-term disability benefits to participating employers.

Plannera Pensions & Benefits (Plannera), manages the plan.

Canada Life Assurance Company provides:

  • claims adjudication; and
  • benefit payment services to the Plan.

CBI Health, Canada Life and Bridges Health provide rehabilitation services.

Have questions?

Phone: 306-787-3440
Toll-free: 1-833-863-0620 
Fax: 1-306-787-8822

Eligibility for benefits

To qualify for benefits, you must be disabled from performing the duties of your own occupation for 119 consecutive calendar days from the date of disability and an employee of:

  • Executive Government (excluding SGEU members);
  • several crown corporations; and
  • various agencies, boards and commissions.

The qualifying period may also be on a non-consecutive basis if 85 working days are missed due to the same condition but you are able to work intermittently.

During this qualifying period you may be on:

  • sick leave,
  • vacation leave,
  • Employment Insurance (EI) Sickness Benefits, or
  • leave of absence without pay.


Coverage is for work and non-work-related disabilities 24 hours a day. If you become disabled under the terms and conditions of the Plan, your benefit is 75% of your basic monthly salary.

How to Enrol

  • Complete a Public Employees Disability Income Plan Enrolment form after completing the probationary period.
  • You must be actively at work on the date following completion of the probationary period to be eligible.
  • If you are not actively at work, your coverage will start on the date you are actively at work. (Actively at work means you perform all regular duties and work full regular hours.)

 Enrolment Form *

Direct Deposit

To sign up for direct deposit, fill out a Canada Life Banking Information Form and attach a blank void cheque. Please send your completed form to Canada Life via fax to (204)946-4699 or by email to

 Canada Life Banking Information Form*