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Plan Governance

In broad terms, governance is the structure and processes used to administer a pension plan under legislation and in the best interest of Plan members.

The Disability Income Plan Advisory Council has established a review process to assess its governance practices.

The DIPAC Governance Self-Assessment Questionnaire is modeled on (and reflects) principles in the Canadian Association of Pension Supervisory Authorities (CAPSA) Pension Plan Governance Guidelines and Self Assessment Questionnaire.

This questionnaire is completed each year by a person who possesses the best knowledge of the answer to each question, and is approved by the Chair of the Council after due consultation with the Council.

 DIP Governance Self-assessment Questionnaire

Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Procedures

The Disability Income Plan Advisory Council has adopted a code of conduct and conflict of interest procedures. This guides the Council in:

  • understanding its principles and values;
  • determining appropriate business practices and behaviour;
  • maintaining independence;
  • upholding integrity necessary to fulfill their obligations to the members of the Plan; and
  • completing an annual review.

 DIP Code of Conduct / Conflict of Interest

Inquiries to the Disability Income Plan Advisory Council may be directed to Plannera Pensions & Benefits.

Disability Income Plan Advisory Council

Chair - Tom Zabel, Ministry of Finance

Appointed on Behalf of Employers
Dairen BeblowSaskPower
Sharon DavisSaskTel
Kendra LaHayePublic Service Commission
Janice McDonaldPublic Service Commission


Appointed on Behalf of Employees
Heather BrownCanadian Union of Public Employees, Local 600
Tammy HindsUnifor Union of Canada, Locals 1-S and 2S
Rene NicolayInternational Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 2067
Chris StinsonUnifor Union of Canada, Local 649