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Understand Your Pension

Adding a new Spouse after retirement

After you retire, your spousal status may change. The Plan allows you to designate a new spouse after retirement.

Breakdown of Spousal Relationship

Here is what you need to know about a breakdown of spousal relationship and how it impacts your existing pension account or payments.

Employment After Retirement

It is important for you understand the Plan guidelines on employment after retirement and the impact it may have on your pension payments.

Leave of Absence

If you take an unpaid leave of absence, you are required to contribute to the plan for the period of leave. Find out what payment options are available to you.

Legislation Changes

There have been changes to the legislation and administration of your plan. You should be aware of these changes and how they may affect you.

Pre-retirement Death Benefit

Provides you with information on the death benefit available from the Plan when a member dies before retirement.

Reciprocal Transfer Agreements

An agreement defining the terms and conditions under which you may transfer pensionable service and/or monies from one employer to another employer.