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SPAF Plan Governance

Plan Governance

In broad terms, governance is the structure and processes used to administer a pension plan under legislation and in the best interest of Plan members.

The Saskatchewan Pension Annuity Fund (SPAF) Board has established a review process to assess its governance practices.

The SPAF CAPSA Governance Self-Assessment Questionnaire is modeled on the Canadian Association of Pension Supervisory Authorities’ Pension Plan Governance Guidelines.

This questionnaire is completed each year by a person who has the best knowledge to answer each question, and is approved by the Chairperson of the Board.

 SPAF Governance Self-assessment Questionnaire

Saskatchewan Pension Annuity Fund Board

Chair, Jeremy Phillips
Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Plannera Pensions & Benefits

Amy Gates
Director, Banking and Cash Management, Treasury Management Branch, Ministry of Finance

Kevin Banman
Senior Policy Analyst, Revenue Policy, Taxation and Intergovernmental Affairs Branch, Ministry of Finance

Investment Policies

The Statement of Investment Policies and Goals (SIP&G) provides a framework for management of the Saskatchewan Pension Annuity Fund's assets within acceptable levels of risk.

The SIP&G decides what type of investments and in what amounts. It also provides investment managers with specific performance standards. Investment managers watch for compliance to the SIP&G and their performance is measured quarterly.

Statement of Investment Policies and Goals