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We believe that sound corporate governance is essential for building trust, fostering transparency, and ensuring the long-term success for Plannera. Our commitment to ethical conduct, accountability, and responsible decision-making is embedded in every aspect of our operations.

Board of Directors

Our Board comprises experienced professionals who bring diverse perspectives and expertise. They are committed to steering Plannera towards sustainable growth while safeguarding the interests of all our stakeholders.

Our Corporate Board includes 10 Directors. In addition, an 11th board member will act in an ex-officio capacity, which means they will be a non-voting member of the Corporate Board. This member, as outlined in The Public Pensions and Benefits Administration Act, will be the Deputy Minister of Finance or a delegate. 

The Corporate Board will report to the MEPP Commission and the PEPP Board.

Ethical Business Practices

We adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct in all our dealings. Board members are expected to uphold integrity, honesty, and fairness in their interactions, both within Plannera and with external partners.

Transparency and Disclosure

Open communication is a cornerstone of our governance philosophy. The Board is dedicated to providing timely, accurate, and comprehensive information to our stakeholders, ensuring transparency in our financial reporting and business operations.

Risk Management

Identifying and mitigating risks is crucial for sustainable business growth. Our robust risk management framework ensures that potential risks are assessed, monitored, and addressed effectively to protect the interests of our stakeholders.

Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Procedures

Our Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest procedures sets the standards for behavior and ethical practices expected from every Plannera Board member, employee, executive, and director. It guides us in making decisions that align with our values and contribute to the overall well-being of the Corporation and our stakeholders.


Plannera will respond to all inquiries or concerns related to the administration of the Corporation.

You are encouraged to discuss and resolve issues with Plannera staff.

If an issue arises that cannot be resolved in discussion with Plannera staff, a member may request a formal response from Plannera respecting the issue. As a complainant, you must specify how you disagree with the response provided by Plannera with respect to the provisions of the Corporation specified in the formal response, and/or as provided in the legislation and regulations governing Plannera.